Some say terrifying zombie prank is taking it too far

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Many are wondering if this terrifying zombie prank took things too far.

The Brazilian program Silvio Santos set up hidden cameras in a subway train and then unleashed the zombies.

The passengers scream and try to get away.

One woman even appears to have passed out from the fright.

The terror was all caught on camera and has been watched more than 7 million times on YouTube in just four days.

Some viewers say the prank went too far.

“I’m sorry but that was complete madness! It might be funny for us but say the people that were getting pranked they could have been a heart patient or pregnant even, this kind of shock would cause them distress, what if they had a weapon? They could even cause harm to the actors doing the prank, someone’s going to get injured one day because of these jokes,” Lucas Agustin Pereira Acha wrote in the comment section of YouTube.

“This isn’t funny, I have 19 years and I’m sure ill got a heart attack,” wrote a viewer with user name Maid Mulabegovic.

“If this is not fake, it’s a horrible thing to do,” wrote Cecilie Elvira.

“Oh my god, this is terrible,” wrote another viewer by the name Jovie Brett Bardoles.


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