Texas trooper forced to attend counseling for picture with Snoop Dogg

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TEXAS — Reports say a Texas public safety officer has been forced to undergo “counseling” for being photographed with a “well-known” criminal.

Trooper Billy Spears took a picture in uniform with his arms at his sides, while the convicted felon has his arm propped on the trooper’s shoulder.

Spears says he didn’t realize Snoop Dogg had drug convictions, or that they would affect him.

“Martha Stewart, she’s a convicted felon. What about Randy Travis? He’s had run-ins with the law,” Spears’ attorney Ty Clevenger told the Daily News while rattling off other celebrities with rap sheets.

When Spears’ department saw the photo that neither identified Spears or his department, they took action.

“The public figure posted the photo on social media and it reflects poorly on the Agency,” the counseling document read. Under “reasons given by employee for deficiencies,” it reads: “He asked to take the photo.”The Texas Department of Public Safety said Wednesday the counseling is not considered formal discipline.


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