Transgender couple: ‘We did this whole transition together’

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PORTLAND, Ore. — One transgender couple made the transition together as they both changed genders.

Tegan, 29, transitioned from man to woman, while her partner Corbin, 25, transitioned from woman to man.

“We kind of switched places,” Tegan said. “We did this whole transition together.”

Since January, hormone therapy treatment for the two has been covered under the Oregon Health Plan.

“I was having mental health issues with depression and cutting myself,” he remembers. “Now I feel like a normal person.”

The couple’s Legacy doctor, Dr. Bird, estimates there are up to 10,000 transgender people living in Oregon.

“I don’t think there are more transgender individuals but I think more are seeking care they couldn’t afford before,” Bird said.

Their care usually begins with counseling to explore gender and eventually hormone therapy.

“There’s a real focus on genitals but most transgender patients don’t have surgery on their genitals,” explained Dr. Bird.

She described the physical changes brought by hormone therapy like hair distribution and changes in muscle mass, but what makes more of an impression are the emotional changes.

“We look at old photos and we can’t believe the changes,” said Corbin.

“Now we’re just trying to live our lives and be happy,” Tegan said.


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