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Deputy’s store-bought camera captures high speed chase

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A high-speed chase was caught on camera in Pottawatomie County Friday, but it was not a dash-cam that captured the crime.

Instead, it was a store bought camera purchased by a deputy.

The camera placed on Lt. Travis Sullivan's windshield shows the high-speed pursuit .

Deputies say suspect James Kevin Kolander was traveling up to 100 miles per hour.

The video shows the suspect nearly crashing into an officer's vehicle.

He drives off the road and that is when you can see deputies trying to block him in.

On camera you can see Kolander collide with a deputy's vehicle then take off, but he does not get far. Officers finally corner him at Shawnee Twin Lakes.

"He exited the vehicle with hands up and he went to the ground and that's when we took him into custody," Lt. Sullivan said.

Most Pottawattomie County deputies do not have dashcams installed in their vehicles.

Lt. Sullivan says the one that captured the pursuit and arrest was bought from Walmart and cost about $40 dollars.

"It's so important to have everything documented. It takes the he said she said out of it. It's right there on film. I mean it speaks for itself," Lt.Sullivan said

Kolander is in jail.

His bond set at $25,000 dollars.

Authorities say no one was hurt during the chase, but a deputy's unit was damaged when Kolander smashed into it.

Deputies say Kolander said he was high on meth when he led them on the chase.

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