Low rain chances in the forecast before the heat dome moves in

Moderate risk for severe storms on Wednesday, highs in the 80’s

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As temperatures settle into the 50’s and 60’s overnight, we’re looking ahead to severe weather tomorrow.

The greatest risk for severe weather this week is Wednesday, and we’re watching the models very closely ahead of the day’s storms.

A powerful upper level storm will work with high instability and as a result, large hail, damaging winds and tornadoes will be possible for most of the state (except far western Oklahoma).

Temperatures will be in the 80’s across the state, dipping back into the 50’s and 60’s again tomorrow night.

The severe weather risk will shift to eastern Oklahoma for Thursday, however, the risk boundary will be close to OKC.

Stay tuned to the weather for inevitable forecast updates and make sure your safety plans are in place.

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