Who killed Whoopie? Family dog shot in Oklahoma City

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OKLAHOMA CITY- Tranquility, interrupted.

Jennifer Pryse says a neighbor's dogs made a heartbreaking find while out on a walk.

The dogs found Whoopie, Pryse's missing Boston Terrier, shot to death.

Whoopie's body was found along a fence. Three large birds were also shot. They were found hanging near the little dog.

"A member of our family was taken. So we`re very angry and also very concerned and we just want people to know to be careful," says Pryse.

She says whoever did it needs to be caught. She doesn't know why anyone would target Whoopie.

"If someone is running around here with a gun and is cruel enough to shoot an elderly dog who is blind, wearing tags who has a name and her contact information on it, I can`t imagine they would be any safer for children or elderly or other animals to be around," Pryse says.

Those who call four-legged friends family members can imagine the pain.

"It just seems like such a callous and cruel thing to have done," says Pryse.

Now, Whoopie's memories will live on only through pictures.

"They have to be very cruel, and that makes it even scarier to know they come here and are around people they love,"

Whoopie was wearing a red-colored harness.

The family says they want everyone to know what happened and be aware.

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