4 Seniors: Keeping up with your medications

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Anybody who takes multiple medications daily, or cares for someone who does, knows the struggle of remembering if they've taken it.

Senior Savvy blogger Jim Miller says getting organized and being reminded are the two keys to staying on top of a medicine schedule.

From pill boxes to buzzing, beeping, even talking alarms, there are a lot of products on the market that can make a big difference when keeping track. There's even an automatic pill dispenser that will call you if you forget your daily dose!

Another simple solution is to get your prescriptions filled in single-dose packets that put all your medications together in neatly labeled packets. Call your local pharmacy to see if they offer single-dose packaging or find an online pharmacy who does.

Jim's last suggestion is to get a reminder. Reminding services like MyMedSchedule.com provide free reminders through text message or email. They also have an app. OnTimeRx.com will call you on your land line phone to remind you of all kinds of things, like refills, doctor appointments, and wake-up calls. Call Care Reassurance takes the service one step farther, and will call a loved one to check in on you if you don't answer their reminder call.

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