Best sister ever defends females everywhere when her sister is sent home for wearing leggings

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Erica Edgerly’s Facebook post has been going viral after her sister was sent home from school for inappropriate clothing.

Now, Erica is raising further awareness about young girls and women being sexualized for wearing what most would consider appropriate clothing.

One politician made waves when he proposed a ban on yoga pants for “indecent exposure,” stating that they “stimulate” the male mind.


This is the outfit Erica Edgerly’s sister was wearing when she was sent home from her high school for inappropriate clothing.

But when the high school sent her sister home for wearing leggings, a three-quarter sleeved shirt that goes lower than her buttocks, and tennis shoes, Erica had had enough.

“People wonder why women feel insecure about their bodies or what they wear.. And it’s beause you’re told your clothing is inappropriate when you’re completely fully clothed, even when you’re not showing cleavage or anything,” she stated in her rant. 

She goes on to say, “How about instead of body shaming women, school systems should start teaching 15-18 year old boys to stop degrading women with their eyes and contributing to the rape culture of today’s society.”

Finishing the blow with, “So I guess it’s more important for boys to not have distractions (even when they’re aren’t any) than a woman’s education. When will people realize how big of an issue this really is?”

Erica’s Facebook page reassures that she in no way intended to shame the school, its district, or the administrators.


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