Popular Italian-American restaurant says thief brought their art back

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Last month, we told you about a popular Italian-American restaurant in the metro that was fed up because they caught one of their customers on surveillance video stealing art off their walls.

This was at Flip’s Win Bar and Trattoria.

The good news is the restaurant owners say they got their artwork back... They even posted the news on their marquee sign.

"I have new faith in mankind," said Gail Vines, manager and co-owner.

The three Clos Du Val wine posters hanging back on the walls.

"Not only were they vintage, they were sentimental and they had been here for 30 years. They are part of our culture," said Vines.

It was in March when their surveillance cameras caught one of the restaurant's customers walking out with some of Flip's prized possessions in hand.

Quickly going public with their loss, the restaurant owners hoped the man on camera would come forward.

"We wanted to give the person the opportunity to think about his deeds," said Vines.

Weeks go by, but then just days ago, the manager got a surprising call.

"I was really happy that he had the courage to call, to say he was sorry, that he wanted to return the artwork," said Bri Bibb, Manager.

Management met with the man and said he was apologetic and sincere about getting a second chance.

"I guess forgiveness and redemption and a lot of people would say, why didn't he slip it under the store and split and I saw well because he manned up to it and I appreciate that," said Vines.

The situation is easy to forgive, now that the empty space on their walls has been filled again.

"Luckily, this is a happy ending," said Bibb.

There’s still one piece of stolen art that has been missing for seven months. It was a large photograph of a cow taken by a local artist named Charlie Schmidt. The art work is worth more than $1,000.

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