Woman dubbed ‘Military Mistress’ may be back to her old habits

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PORTLAND, Ore. – Five years ago, KFOR was the first to expose Bobbi Ann Finley, the con woman dubbed the “military mistress.”

For nearly two decades, she stalked, married and swindled men all over the country, mainly targeting service men at military bases.

Finley admitted to reporters she likes marriage, she likes money, and she likes the military. She even posed as a Marine herself.

She allegedly married 14 service men and gave birth to nine children.

She spent some time in prison both in Alabama and Washington state, but Finley is once again a free woman.

She is already remarried and it appears she may be back to her old habits.

Now, she is facing new consequences with her new husband, 27-year-old Zach House.

The two got married six weeks ago and opened a bank account in Oregon.  Then, investigators say they bought this Escalade with a bad check.

Since then, cops say they’ve racked up more than 13,000 dollars in fraudulent charges in Oregon, Colorado and most recently, Oklahoma.

Zach’s mother, Vickie Martin, feels Bobbi Ann is steering her son down a dangerous path.

She hoped Bobbi had changed, but she worries that Zach is just her latest victim.

An Oregon reporter managed to reach Bobbi Ann by cellphone.

She said she had no idea she was facing new charges, and denies she’s broke or running from the law.

She says she and Zach are looking for work, but would not comment about whether she’d contact police to tell her side of the story.


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