“You all can go straight to the devil,” Okla. council member won’t apologize for rant

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HOLDENVILLE, Okla. - Vote or go straight to the devil! That was an Oklahoma city council woman's message on social media that landed her in hot water with voters.

More than 2000 people in Holdenville are registered to vote, but only about 600 of them marked their ballot.

Betty Wiseman has been on the city council for 12 years.

She says she was mad after Tuesday's election, disgusted with the poor voter turnout.

"There's a lot of people that lost a lot of lives and shed a lot of blood for us Americans to have this right and to me it is a slap in the face," Wiseman said.

So she took to Facebook. Wiseman started a post by saying "I would like to address all the registered voters that did not exercise their God given right to vote."

The post ended with this:

"Don't come up to city hall complaining and whining around because where this council member is concerned, it'll be falling on deaf ears. You all can go straight to the devil."

We showed the message to some Holdenville residents.

"Oh my gosh that last one is horrible. It says that everyone can go straight to the devil. How can a city councilman say something like that?" Kiane Premer asked.

"She needs to be kicked out. Get somebody in there that has a little more compassion for the people here. Because if it wasn't for the people here she wouldn't be in there either," Kenneth Blackwell said.

Many folks had already seen the post.

"Maturity goes a long way and if you're going to be immature because your people didn't win. That's kind of juvenile," Melissa Sharp said.

"I understand that she may have been upset about the votes, but you don't say that. Especially if this town is in need you don't say that it's going to be falling upon deaf ears," Scott Odom said.

Wiseman says she stands by her message.

"It was my choice, maybe not a wise one to make the rant, but I did and I'm not going to apologize for it. Those that came out and voted they did their job. They did their civic duty. Those that didn't don't get mad at me for something they failed to do," Wiseman said.

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