“I’m having nightmares,” Student’s online book causing concern among classmates

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DALLAS, Texas – A middle school student’s online book about killing some of his classmates is reportedly inciting fear in the classroom.

Now, many parents are calling for the young crime fiction writer to be expelled.

“I’m having nightmares. I’m not eating. I am staying up crying half the night,” said Tatum Bubela.

Bubela is one of the characters in her fellow student’s online blog of murder.

In the blog, the writer describes Tatum’s friend performing a copycat killing.

“[She] is cutting Tatum’s arm up with a pair of scissors, and Tatum is crying. “It huuuuurrtttsssss!”… [She] stabs Tatum’s forehead… Tatum is dead now,” the online post reads.

The district attorney ruled the student author had not violated any rules and could remain in school.

“I’m getting thoughts in school that he’s literally going to stab me or stab any of my friends,” said Bubela.

Parents packed the school board meeting to pressure the district to find a way to separate the writer from other students.

“Parents should never, ever feel the need to make a judgement call with their children’s lives when they send them to school,” said Jennifer Taylor.

“One child has been put ahead of all others and deeply influenced the environment of learning,” said Jodi Wilson.

“I wanted to speak with them and request that they work with some parents to see if we can maybe update the policies and procedures,” said Taylor.

However, board members say they are not allowed to comment on items that are not on the agenda, except to remind parents that their hands are tied.

“We may not make a step as a district that is not within the law for us to take,” said Superintendent Karen Rue, with the Northwest Independent School District.

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