‘Right to Try’ bill awaits Governor Fallin’s signature

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State Capitol

OKLAHOMA CITY – A bill designed to help terminally ill patients recieve experimental treatment has passed the Oklahoma State Senate unanimously.

Called the ‘Right to Try’ bill, HB1074 will allow terminally ill patients to try medicines that have passed Phase 1 of the FDA approval process, but are not yet on pharmacy shelves.

The bill was co-authored by democratic Representative, Richard Morrissette and republican Senator Bob Standridge.

“I’m thankful and hopeful for all with terminal illness who may now benefit by receiving trial medications in time to save their lives, if Governor Fallin will sign the bill.” said Rep. Morrissette.

According to the House of Representatives, only about 1,000 people make it through the FDA’s ‘compassionate use’ application process every year. There are many cases where the patients dies while their application is processed.

“Let’s hope and pray we soon have heartening examples of Oklahomans alive and well because of this opportunity to access life-saving medications when they are needed and not when it is too late.”

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