Police: Suspects use vehicles to smash into business and burglarize them

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Two metro businesses were broken into and burglarized overnight in northwest Oklahoma City.

In both situations, the suspects used a vehicle to get inside by crashing into the building, leaving behind big holes in the buildings and quite the mess from business owners.

From broken glass, to bricks and damaged merchandise, Sooner Pawn Shop near N.W. 23rd and Meridian, and Gunworx near Northwest Expressway and Council, were both broken into and burglarized. The suspects got away with things like black powder firearms and magazines.

"They just smashed this with a tire iron, you can see the big dent right there. Then they just went in there and snatched everything out, they had gloves on," said Bob Ausborn, owner of Gunworx.

Police said in both cases, someone drove a car through the building, then ransacked the stores before getting away, leaving the cars in the rubble of the stores.

"When the car crashed through the back, it took out both of the gas meters back there. The actual pipes were bent into the building, so the natural gas was coming right in here," said Ausborn.

Ausborn said he thinks the unbearable smell kept the suspects from getting away with too much of his property, but he's still eating the cost.

"It's not a hobby. We're here to make money and this just stops us and small businesses can't take that easy like big businesses can," said Ausborn. "I hope somebody catches them."

Police said at least one of the vehicles used during the break-ins was stolen. The suspects were last seen wearing dark hoodies, gloves and holding crowbars.

If you know any details about these cases, please call Crime Stoppers at 405-235-7300.


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