“You do what you’ve got to do,” Grieving father arrested after trying to prevent future accidents

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ATLANTA, Ga. (WGCL) – A grieving father says he was arrested for trying to save lives.

Shannon Hamilton’s 16-year-old daughter, Cecily, and a friend died in March.

Their car went over a small bridge and the pair drowned in a nearby creek.

The bridge didn’t have tall guard rails to prevent cars from going over the side, so Hamilton called for change.

He says he appealed to the county to make the changes on the bridge. When nothing was done for over a month, Hamilton took matters into his own hands.

“When you’re a grieving parent, you do what you’ve got to do,” he told WGCL. “I don’t condone illegal activity, but I’m on a mission to impact lives and to do positive things.”

Hamilton says he started to put in guard rails last weekend when he was stopped by police.

“They were very respectful,” he said. “He said, ‘You’re going to do this anyway aren’t you?’ I said, ‘Yes.”

Hamilton says he understands why he was arrested and isn’t upset with police.

“He had to do his job, and as a father, I had to do mine. All I wanted to do was save lives,” he said.

County officials say they want to see the changes as well and expect guard rails to be installed within two weeks.

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