Man jumps on car hood to try and stop carjacker

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A thief tries to steal a man's car and sparks a scene straight out of Hollywood.

After turning off his car, a man left his grandma's car alone to go into a business near 23rd and MLK.

Seconds later, the victim noticed the suspect start to drive away and actually dove into the hood of his car.

Speeding away at nearly 50 miles an hour, the victim rode on the hood of the car from 23rd more than a mile before police found him near 16th and Grand.

Eventually the suspect hit the brakes and the victim slid off the hood bruised and bloodied.

"Somebody had just tried to hijack him and took the car," said Frankie Brown.

94-year-old Frankie Brown lives in Austin and owns the car stolen from her grandson Tyrone Stafford.

Brown had no idea about the efforts her grandson went through to try and save the car.

"Somebody just took his car. I didn't know that he had jumped on the car or anything," said Brown.

"It's never a good idea to jump on a moving vehicle regardless of the situation," said Oklahoma City police MSgt. Gary Knight.

Ironically, police arrested the victim Tyrone Stafford for a robbery warrant from Texas.

Although the thief got away, the victim's car is no longer missing, but it's also no longer usable.

"They have found the car. Everything is stripped off of it," said Brown.

Unfortunately, police do not have a good description of the car thief to give out.

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