Two tourists charged after setting quokka on fire, filming it

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Courtesy: Pixabay

PERTH, Australia – Two French tourists have been arrested and fined for allegedly trying to light an animal on fire.

Officials say 18-year-old Jean Batrikian and 24-year-old Thibaud Valette allegedly sprayed an aerosol can and lit it on fire in an attempt to burn a quokka.

According to the Guardian, the tiny creature was burned but not badly injured.

One of the men recorded the incident and posted the video to the Internet.

The men were charged with animal cruelty and fined $4,000.

According to ABC News, the pair’s lawyer told the Fremantle Magistrates Court that they did not intend to harm the animal and now feared for their own safety after receiving threats online.

However, a judge said there was no way they did not intend to cause harm to the animal.

Quokkas are tiny, endangered marsupials that are protected under state and federal laws. The animals used to be a common sight in Australia but are now listed as vulnerable.

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