UPDATE: Medical examiner releases information on man’s death outside National Weather Center

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UPDATE: The Oklahoma State Medical Examiner’s Office released information on a deadly car fire outside the National Weather Center.

Authorities identified the victim as 55-year-old Allen Michael Rouse.

The medical examiner says Rouse died from smoke inhalation and thermal burns.

However, his manner of death is pending.

NORMAN, Okla. -- A man was found dead inside a burned car outside of the National Weather Center in Norman Thursday.

Police are investigating the death as a possible suicide.

 A man, who asked us not to identify him, said he tried to save the driver inside the car after he crashed through the building’s gates.

 "I see two of my colleagues running toward the car that is full of fumes, you know like black fumes."

 He got a metal bar and broke into the driver’s window. He says the driver was buckled up so he, along with a couple other men, tried to get a  knife to free him.

 "Until we got the knife it was too late. The fire was getting out of the car quite strong.”

 He says it did not appear the man was trying to get out of the vehicle.

The situation was so dangerous that those attempting to save him could only watch, while employees inside the building heard a message over the intercom.

 "One of them came on and said 'may I have your attention please. Please get away from the east side of the building," Jeffrey Milne said.

 "I was a little nervous. You don't normally expect that. They definitely sounded nervous over the intercom," Samuel Degelia said.

 It was an unsettling day for many of those who witnessed the scene.

 "I did see someone dying, burning in front of my eyes,” the man who tried to rescue the driver said.

 A bomb squad was called in to search the car. Three booms were later heard from the scene throughout the evening. While the bomb squad did detonate an item, there's been no word on what that item was.

No word if anything was found.

On Friday, the FBI identified the man inside the vehicle as Allen Rouse,from Wichita, Kansas.

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