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Special Report: Surgery-free back pain relief

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OKLAHOMA CITY- Neck and back pain are a major issue for thousands of Oklahomans. Treatment can be intensive, surgery in many cases is the only hope for relief, but there's a fairly new, outpatient option with very little downtime.

Joe Berry is an active guy. He is an EMT and spends his days lifting and transporting patients around the Sooner State.

"I ate Excedrin like it was candy for a long time," berry said.

Recently Joe found himself in constant pain, barely able to turn his neck and suffering constant headaches and even losing the feeling in one arm.

Major surgery was his next option. "It was getting progressively worse. I knew I had to do something, my doctor said I had to do something," Joe said but he also wanted to avoid if it if he could.

That's when Joe came across a procedure using lasers. This meant no cutting as with traditional surgery.

Joe is now on his feet and able to lift patients without being in constant pain.

Tonight at 10 on KFOR see how the procedure works and hear more of Joe's story plus details on where you can go if you are having the same issues as Joe.


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