“They took anything that was not nailed,” thief steals priceless family heirlooms from Oklahoma home

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LINCOLN COUNTY -- A family already struck with heartbreaking loss, feels the uneasy terror of being burglarized.

Stormy Wilkson left her rural home clean, and returned to find a wide open front door, and a mess.

Her home had been ransacked, with windows smashed, and personal belongings tossed carelessly all around.

After surveying the scene, Stormy believes the thief snipped her barbed wire fence, snuck in through her garage, then set to work inside.

"They took anything that was not nailed," explained Wilkson.

TV's stripped from walls, guns stolen from cabinets, Stormy says not even a hard earned allowance was safe.

"My son had a couple piggy banks, they're completely gone."

When the person, or persons reached Stormy's room, they found a box filled with jewelry, took everything inside, except for two mismatched earrings.

"My dad's wedding [ring], my grandparent's wedding sets, you'll never get those back you know," said Wilkson. "One day I was hoping to give them to my daughter, my son."

Thursday, the home is cleaned up, but earlier this week it's floors were littered with ripped and ruined pictures.

For Stormy, it's the loss of these pictures that may hurt the worst.

"My first son passed away...and some of these pictures that they ripped were of him," said Wilkson. "I'll never get those pictures back."

While the thief left behind several clues, he/she took this family's peace of mind.

Now Stormy says her five and ten year old children don't even want to stay in the home.

"Hope you got what you wanted...you sure did tear up my life."

Lincoln County officials say they're looking through evidence found at the house, but they hope to track this person down using serial numbers found on the firearms and electronics.

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