Twins involved in robbery, alleged gang attack

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OKLAHOMA CITY — Four men were arrested for robbery after victim’s of a brutal attack helped police locate the suspects Wednesday.

Police reports say a group of men attacked a smaller group of men at the 3400 block of S.W. 17th St. around 6:45 p.m.

Cesar Munoz, 28, told police he was walking down the street with Fernando Vasquez, 33, and Angel Munoz, 41 when four men came up behind them and attacked them.

The men began kicking, hitting, and punching Cesar as he continually yelled for someone to call 911.

Fernando told police he and Angel tried to stop the attack, but 18-year-old twins Michael and Alvin Grundy, 21-year-old Devlin West, and 20-year-old Kasim Cooper were just too strong.

Police say Cesar Munoz got the worst of the beating because the men who attacked him allegedly recognized Cesar as a witness of a robbery that they the day before.

Once police arrived, Cesar showed the officer a video recording of the suspects from the alleged robbery involving all four of the men who attacked him.

Police reports say the men can clearly be seen “being aggressive, showing gang signs, hiding their hand in their pockets as if they had a gun, and raising their fists to try and further attack the victims.”

Thanks to the video, the Grundy twins, West, and Cooper were all eventually arrested.


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