‘He must have a generous heart,’ Mom given car from Russell Westbrook tells her side

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OKLAHOMA CITY-- It was a big deal, Thunder star Russell Westbrook giving a single mom a brand new car.

Kerstin Gonzales is just 19-years-old.

“He just comes up behind me,” said Kirsten. “My mind was like 'What is he doing here?”

It was a surprise she could have never imagined... Russell Westbrook handing her the keys to a brand new Kia.

That was a couple of weeks ago.

NewsChannel 4 caught up with Gonzales Tuesday morning at Sunbeam Family Services, the organization Russell Westbrook reached out to when choosing who would receive the car.

“I lost all hope. I was going to drop out of school because I got pregnant at 14,” Gonzales said.

She is a young mom, who did eventually drop out, but thanks to the family she's found at Sunbeam, she's now about to graduate high school.

She’s also planning to head to college in the fall, which is part of the reason Russell Westbrook chose her.

“I think when you see someone working hard toward a goal and finding ways every day to keep things afloat for her two boys, you can't help but help them out,” Westbrook said.

“He must have a generous heart,” Gonzales said.

The mom of two has been borrowing cars for months just to get around, so a new car will take away a lot of stress.

It will also help her to achieve her goal of someday helping young girls like herself.

“Sunbeam has helped me to grow, to be a better mom and I want to do that for others,” Gonzales said.

While it was an exciting day, Gonzales is actually still borrowing cars. The car Russell Westbrook brought that day was just a demo.

He has since given her the opportunity to pick out everything from the color to the added features. The car she will receive has been ordered and should be in her driveway in a few weeks.

Westbrook also is paying for the first year of insurance on Gonzales's new Kia.

It turns out, the car isn't the only gift she received. The Oklahoma State Department of Health also gave her brand new car seats for both of her little boys.

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