Investigators looking for 3 alleged identity thieves passing fake checks

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OKLAHOMA -- Law enforcement agencies across central Oklahoma are looking for a trio of identity thieves.

Investigators are hoping surveillance video will help them track down three suspects who are allegedly passing bogus checks.

Police say the surveillance video inside the Shawnee Walmart shows two suspects, a man and woman, trying to buy about $700 worth of merchandise.

Authorities say their check was declined, and they walked out.

Later, that same woman was seen with a different man wearing a dark hat.

He’d allegedly been inside Walmart earlier that day and successfully passed a fake check for a $400 computer.

Detectives say some information on those checks belongs to a 76-year-old man in Edmond.

“They didn't actually steal his checks, they stole his account information, his routing information and they made these checks,” Detective Jason Crouch said.

The man had no idea how the suspects got his account information.

After three tries in Shawnee, police say the trio was at it again the next day, trying to use a fake check for a $600 purchase at Walmart in Yukon.

Investigators say this happens too often and that everyone should be careful when using a check or debit card.

“You should check your accounts every single day to make sure nothing weird shows up, you should be aware of the people you give this information to, the checks that you write need to be to people you trust,” Detective Crouch said.

He says your best bet is to use a credit card because they have more safeguards than debit cards.

As for the people in the surveillance video, they’re likely to show up again, and investigators are hoping someone recognizes them.

They were seen driving a gray extended cab pickup truck with a black hood.

Anyone with information on the crime should call Shawnee police.

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