Man allegedly attacks blind man for a cigarette

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Joshua Kiehl

OKLAHOMA CITY — A man was arrested for allegedly assaulting a blind man over a cigarette.

Robert Stacey, 40, told police that he was at his apartment when his 28-year-old neighbor, Joshua Kiehl, came over and asked to come in.

Once inside the apartment, reports say Kiehl asked for a cigarette. Stacey says he told the man that he only had one pack left and that it had to last him through the week. But he gave Kiehl one anyway. That’s when the man left, with Stacey locking the door behind him.

Later that evening, reports say Stacey went to the designated smoking area at the rear of the apartment building. While he was out there, Kiehl allegedly came up and asked for another cigarette.

Stacey reminded him that he only had one pack left and that it had to last him through the week, and this time, denied him a smoke.

Police say that’s when Kiehl pushed Stacey into a rail, and then punched him in the face, knocking the glasses off the man’s face and cutting his lip.

When police arrived, Stacey told his story and added that he has been legally blind since birth, and even graduated from Oklahoma School for the Blind. He also told authorities that he has sciatica, which often causes him to lose his balance.

Stacey confirmed to police that Kiehl was fully aware of his disabilities.

Kiehl was arrested on site and taken to the Oklahoma County Jail.

He had a previous arrest for assault and battery.


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