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Man dances to Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It’ during Baltimore riots

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While buildings and cars across Baltimore were engulfed in flames, one man took to the streets to “spread love and peace” while dancing to Michael Jackson’s “Beat It.”

NBC reporter Shomari Stone recently captured footage of Dimitri Reeves dancing in the street to the hit song, according to Mashable.

Hours after the funeral for Freddie Gray, who died of a severe spinal cord injury while in police custody, about a dozen businesses were looted or damaged and at least 15 officers were wounded.

While others were rioting, Dimitri was seen channeling his inner Michael Jackson on top of a truck.

Many protesters have paused to watch Dimitri perform.

“They were coming down and they were hype, I guess. And then people saw men and were like, “what’s going on?” and they heard the music. I did “Will You Be There,” “You Are Not Alone,” “Man in the Mirror,” “Beat It.” Most people thought I was trying be funny, but I wasn’t trying to be funny at all. That wasn’t my mindset at all,” Dimitri said. “I just wanted to take people’s minds off of what was going on in that area. We were right in the middle of it. On one side there was a fire. On the other side was a police force with riot shields and every thing.”

Dimitri says his message is simple.

“Think. It’s as simple as that. My message to people is just to think before you react. We’re just so quick to react that — just think about what we’re doing here. That’s the only thing I can say: just think,” he told Mediaite.


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