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Photos: A different side of Baltimore in the midst of crisis

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BALTIMORE, Md. – One day after violent protests broke out throughout Baltimore, the smoke is clearing and clean up has begun.

Volunteers and business owners are cleaning up the mess that was left behind by riots on Monday evening.

On Monday, several police officers and journalists were injured as protesters turned violent.

Groups could be seen throwing bricks, rocks and sticks at police officers and passing vehicles.

Also, many people broke windows and looted nearby businesses.

At least one store and several patrol cars were  destroyed when they were set on fire.

In the middle of the chaos, several citizens took it upon themselves to take a stand against the riots.

One man was seen blocking the entrance to a 7-Eleven, so looters wouldn’t get inside.

Pride: my neighbor blocks the entrance to the 7-Eleven from roving bands of looters

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