Video shows officer injured while trying to stop burglary

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TRENTON, Tex. — Home surveillance video picks up a man prying open the backdoor of Beckie Goldammer’s Trenton home.

Six seconds later, he’s seen stepping out a side door.

“When he left out this door, he tried to act cool, straightening up his collar like he’d just been visiting. And you know he’s been in our home,” Goldammer said.

The man tries to walk back inside when he spots police. But he bolts once he realizes he’s been spotted as well.

Another angle shows an officer with a gun drawn chasing after the suspect. That officer trips and falls, but he gets back up and run off to a vehicle in a muddy alley.

“So I jumped in the window and grabbed him by his neck and was going to pull him out of the car,” the officer said.

Trenton Police Chief Robert Robinson says the SUV began gaining traction and hit a utility trailer.

“And when he did that, the car kicked back to the left and the next thing I knew I ended up in a garden on my back,” Robinson said.

Robinson said he slammed so hard against the SUV that he bounced off and landed several yards away.

The actual impact was not recorded on a a body camera because Chief Robinson says he doesn’t have one due to lack of department funds.

While the search for the suspect, Danny Prater, continued, Robinson was rushed to a local hospital. He says the the impact with the ground caused a knee injury; he may need surgery.

“And I have to go to therapy two days a week for my back injuries,” Robinson said.

Robinson is back on the job, and he says, even with the injuries, he would probably react the same way again…especially since Prater was eventually arrested.


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