Oklahoma high school student helping foster children in unique way

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ADA, Okla. – An Oklahoma high school student is helping foster children in a unique way.

Carli Manwell, a sophomore at Ada High School, says she has been helping foster children since she was 9 years old.

When she realized some foster children don’t stay in one place for long, she decided to give them something they could take with them anywhere they went.

Some foster children only have a trash bag to put their clothes in when they move to a different home.  But Manwell has given them a chance to carry something slightly sturdier during their movies.

Thanks to Manwell, many foster parents in Oklahoma are now wheeling suitcases or carrying backpacks when they pick up their foster child.

The 16-year-old is working with the Department of Human Services to offer backpacks filled with toiletries, blankets, and stuffed animals to foster children, according to KTEN.

“I’ve gotten 360 backpacks for foster children,” Manwell said.

Manwell, who also carries the title of Miss Southeast Oklahoma’s Oustanding Teen, has launched a video on Facebook hoping to encourage people to become foster parents.

The video is also meant to bring awareness to the thousands of children in need of homes.


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