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Caught on camera: Officer hangs on to moving car as suspect tries to flee

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PARKER, Colo. – A man was sentenced to 38 years in prison following a wild police chase.

After spotting a car with an expired license plate, police arrested the driver, Scott Williams.

“You realize I have to do my job. You’ve been told 26 times not to drive. I don’t have much choice,” an officer was heard saying on the patrol car’s dashcam.

But he was not the only one in the vehicle.

Officer Glenna Villers spotted Justin Wayne Lamb hiding beneath trash in the back seat and ordered him out of the car.

At the time, authorities did not know Lamb was wanted on numerous felony warrants.

Lamb jumped out of the car, ran to driver’s seat and took off.

“322 he has Villers! Driver just took off with 312 in the vehicle,” the officer said.

When Lamb sped away from the scene, Villers was still hanging on to car.

She desperately held on at speeds up to 30 miles per hour, swerving through traffic.

At some points, Lamb tried to pry her hands off the car.

Amazingly, she held on for a quarter of a mile and only suffered minor injuries.

Lamb was finally arrested after driving off the road.