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“Crisis City” prepares first responders

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SALINA, Kansas -- Oklahoma is no stranger to natural disasters. We experience earthquakes, flash flooding and worst of all, violent tornadoes.

But Crisis City is a unique training ground for first responders. It's where men and women come to train for disasters they hope never happen.

Mark Edwards is a lieutenant with Oklahoma Task Force One. Edwards said, "Our primary objective is to find those victims and we are going to risk a life to save a life."

Train wrecks, tanker explosions, even twisters. Crisis City is a 40 acre compound in the middle of Kansas. Fire fighters, police, paramedics from across the country come here to get better.

Edwards told us,"We can always improve and that's the reason we train."

In order to create a realistic scenario, volunteers are recruited to hide beneath the twisted steel and crushed concrete. And NewsChannel 4's Lance West was first in line. "You guys ready to bury me?

We will take you underground for this heart pounding exercise, designed to save lives when seconds count.