Woodward man takes 20 year obsession with one toy to new heights

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WOODWARD, OKLAHOMA -- Greg Nuse has always been fascinated with machinery.

K'Nex, made of small, connectable, plastic pieces were the perfect toy for young Greg.

Add a trip to Six Flags Over Texas to the toy box of his youth and you've got an obsession that's lasted 20 years, right up to present day.

"A lot of people will say to me, 'You've got to much spare time on your hands', and I think, 'Well, you take 20 years and think about something you do a lot, like watching TV or playing video games. You put that time into something like this and you have something tangible to show for it and that's what you get."

He's way past the directions on the back of the box by now.

His collection of K'Nex includes more than 90,000 connectable pieces.

That's 50 building sets, 600 feet of string, and, by his estimate, 3,000 hours of set-up time.

Put all that together and you have an amusement park in miniature.

Most of the rides are duplicates of parks past and present.

Greg had never put it all together until a room opened up at the Pioneer Museum in Woodward a couple of years ago.

"They look kind of rickety but there's a beauty to the too that I really like," he says.

He's been back twice now as the city's unofficial 'K'Nuse K'Nexpert'.

Greg explains, "I'll call myself an expert. The company uses that term. They've never had their eye on me to give me that title but I think I've earned it at this point."

If you like what he has set up, you should see it when it's all plugged in.

All of his 30 ride models really work.

Somewhere in all the blur, there are 33 tiny electric motors that pull the roller coasters and spin the Octopus.

Even the squeaks sound like tiny screams from plastic riders.

"It's not too much time," he says. "It's what you do with your time."

It takes a trailer to hauls around.

As a grown up now, Greg keeps the collection in storage unless he's working on something new.

But he will bring it out is someone asks nicely.

He knows his obsession still K'Nex.

Greg Nuse is from Claremore, Oklahoma.

When not building, he teaches middle and high school band.