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Newborn skunks rescued, answer to skunk smell is revealed

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NOBLE, Okla. -- They arrived at WildCare in Noble in a McDonald’s sack.

“You don’t normally find skunks in your McDonald’s bag, but I’m lovin’ it!” said Rondi Large with WildCare Foundation.

Seven baby skunks made their way there after being turned over to Oklahoma City Animal Welfare.

“These little babies, they still have an umbilical cord on them so they’re just a day or two old.  So these are brand new newborns,” said Large.

Weighing in at less than a tenth of a pound, Large inspected them to make sure they’re healthy.

“This little guy has a tick on him so we’re going to take that tick off,” said Large.

Large is not sure of the story behind the discovery of the little guys, but says they raised around 200 baby skunks last year at WildCare.

“Sometimes they get flooded out.  Sometimes people find the den and don’t want them there and kill the mother and then find the babies,” said Large.

These babies are the first skunks for WildCare this year.

After their weigh in and inspection, they go in the incubator to warm them up.

“Incubators usually are around 90 or so degrees, 90 to 94 and that will keep them nice and warm and it will also keep them nice and humid,” said Large.

 While these babies can’t yet spray, it’s only a matter of weeks and Large says she knows exactly how to get rid of the stink.

“Hydrogen peroxide, vinegar and soap,” said Large.

Once the skunks are nursed back to health and grown, they’ll be released to the wild.