Robbery victim locks armed thief inside convenience store

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- A dangerous game of cat and mouse is caught on camera.

An armed suspect stormed into a local business last week and robbed the clerk at gunpoint.

The victim had been on his laptop, talking with his family via Skype, when the suspect stuck a gun in his face.

With his family watching the clerk then repeatedly tried to keep the suspect from escaping.

His face covered with a red handkerchief, the thief ordered the clerk to the floor.

"He came inside. He had a gun and said get down," said the victim Muhammad Rashid.

After grabbing some cash from Muhammad's wallet, the suspect tried to leave when the victim locked the magnetic door.

"He tried hard to to get it open but he couldn't," said Rushed.

Realizing he couldn't open the door, the suspect threatened the clerk a second time.

"He asked me if I don't open it he'll kill shoot me so I opened the door and he went back and I locked the door again," said Rashid.

Enraged, the robber threatened to kill Muhammad, who finally unlocked the door for good.