Oklahoma woman says thieves stole “the one thing that means the most” during burglary

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MIDWEST CITY, Okla. - A Midwest City woman is heartbroken after a burglar swiped several keepsakes from her home, including the ashes of family members.

Billie Yandle returned home Sunday evening to find her backdoor wide open and her belongings thrown across her home.

She noticed very few things were missing, but then she reached her jewelry box.

"It seems like the items that matter the most are the ones they took," said Yandle.

Bracelets, necklaces and other types of jewelry were gone, but a few sentimental pieces hurt the most.

The missing items included a wedding ring from her late husband and two priceless lockets.

"They took his wedding band, along with his locket of ashes, and my dad's ashes," said Yandle.

The lockets were sealed with remains and memories of her husband, Rob Yandle, and her dad, Don Hoover.

"It's heart-wrenching. You go to the one thing that means the most to you and it's gone," explained Yandle. "They could've taken all the TV's, several other items which I would've rather they'd taken."

Billie's back doors are now boarded up and her fence is padlocked. She says she is installing a security system and hopes pictures can bring her heirlooms back home.

"If pawn store owners see this, just be on the look out," said Yandle.

The burglars also stole a firearm that had belonged to Billie's father.

Anyone with information should contact the Midwest City Police Department.