Overnight storms cause headaches for drivers and businesses in Norman

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NORMAN, Okla. — Oklahoma had some powerful weather overnight and a lot of folks ran into trouble spots.

There was flooding all across the metro from Oklahoma City, to Yukon, to the hardest hit area, in Norman.

Drivers and businesses are already gearing up for more storms ahead.

From road closed signs, to orange cones, construction equipment and pools of water, it was chaos on Lindsey street near I-35 in Norman.

“It drives me nuts to be perfectly honest,” said Celeste Brown. “I have to drive through it every day to get to work.”1

The heavy rain overnight caused flash flooding; people were seen walking through the water holding their shoes.

“I think they’ve been doing some work on our street to try and make it less flooding. Luckily, I have a tall vehicle, but it’s definitely not safe if you have a little car,” said Brown.

Not only are drivers dealing with hazards on the roads. Waiting rooms at businesses like My Dentist and Complete Care Dentistry flood every time it rains.

Business staff used their chairs to block off the area to patients, left with carpet stains and the smell of mildew.

Back on the streets, crews with the Oklahoma Department of Transportation worked to re-open roads, like at the northbound I-35 on-ramp from SH-9 East and Lindsey St.

They installed an additional temporary drain to reduce water build up leftover from the storm.

With more weather on the way, drivers are already planning ahead.

“Watch around you. Watch the people that are driving around you. You may think you’re a perfect driver, but the real danger is other drivers and not paying attention,” said Brown.

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