DMV accidentally labels woman ‘sexual predator’ instead of organ donor

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ORLANDO, Fla. – A Florida woman says she is planning to take legal action against the Department of Motor Vehicles after the agency incorrectly labeled her as a sexual predator.

Tammy Lemasters recently moved to Orlando and went to the DMV to change her license.

However, she says she didn’t double-check the bottom corner of her new card.

Instead of being listed as an organ donor, the agency accidentally listed her as a ‘sexual predator.’

Lemasters says she only noticed the mistake after going to court over a traffic ticket.

“I looked at the license, I looked in the corner, then I [saw] the sexual predator on there,” Lemasters told WESH.

“The state is basically adjudicating people the worst thing you can call someone, a child molester,” said John Phillips, Lemasters’ attorney. “It’s time to fix what’s on that license so it doesn’t happen to person after person after person.”

Phillips said he knows of three total similar cases.

Lemasters, a mother of two, said she has no criminal history.

While she doesn’t dispute the need for the sexual predator label for people who qualify, more needs to be done to limit mistakes.

“[The DMV needs to] be able to push more than one button to label somebody that. It should be more of a process,” Lemasters said.

“We, of course, apologized and asked her to come in as we would anyone with an eye color or an address issue- come in and we’d fix it immediately,” said Mark O’Keefe, the DMV office manager.

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