Semi truck overturns trying to avoid rising flood waters

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You saw it live on NewsChannel 4.

A semi turned over after it slipped off the road on Sunnylane Road.

We're told he was trying to avoid water on the road when the road gave way beneath the truck.

"We had a truck that was loading up with fuel," said Del City Fire Captain Steve Fernandez. "He came out of the depot, I believe he got a little too close to the edge. The road gave way."

The tanker was carrying nearly 8,500 gallons of fuel.


We're told the fuel didn't spill.

"There's no leaks at this time, we have a company coming out here to off-load it," said Fernandez.

The driver emerged unscathed, except for an injured hand.

Crew gathered from all around to pull this truck out.

"We have several wreckers out here. As soon as they get done with their procedure, they will do their thing and move it out. We will probably be here several hours."

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