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Man shocked when he finds sleeping sea lion on boat

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SAN DIEGO, Calif. – When you go to California, you may find a lot of people on either the boardwalk or boats.

However, Michael Duffy never expected to have an uninvited guest on his boat.

“It’s one of the trippiest things to have happen,” Duffy said.

Duffy was asleep on his boat when he awoke to a strange noise.

“Snoring and sneezing,” he said.

After looking around the boat and not finding another person in sight, he went back to sleep.

Nearly four hours later, he heard the same noise.

“I had a pair of shorts that were right here and the sea lion was curled up right here like a dog,” Duffy said.

The baby sea lion had made itself at home but didn’t seem like he wanted to leave.

After telling the little guy to get back in the water, the sea lion begrudgingly jump back into the ocean.

Following the encounter, Duffy decided to name him.

“Because Gilligan always gets in trouble, he seems to take naps when he’s not supposed to take naps. Get in places where he’s not supposed to go, that’s why I named him Gilligan,” he said.

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