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Oklahoma City making big bucks using online auction

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City says it has made more than $1.9 million selling old equipment on an online auction site since August.

Three Harley Davidson motorcycles from the police department were put up on the auction table Tuesday.

In less than 24 hours, someone was already offering to pay more than $5,000 for one of them.

The bikes were up for grabs on GovDeals.com.

Oklahoma City purchasing agent, Amy Simpson, estimates they will go for around $8,000 each.

The city recently expected to sell an old barge for $1,600 worth of scrap metal, but somebody in Alaska paid $20,000 for it.

Two police helicopters were valued around $500,000 each. Combined, they sold for $1.2 million to buyers in New Zealand and the Philippines.

"I was pleasantly surprised that it was bringing more money than I knew it would," Simpson said.

A city garbage truck was also put up for bid. We asked employees at A&A Auto Parts and Salvage what they would pay for it.

"It'd probably scrap for about $10,000. So probably around 10 grand," Manager Josh Dearing said.

On the auction site it sold for $33,000.

"That's very impressive," Dearing said.

By selling the retired equipment online, Simpson estimates the city will earn at least $1 million next year.

"You know, we're spending taxpayer money, and so any money that we can put back into our funds is recovery, and making sure we're spending our taxpayer's money the most efficiently that we can," Simpson said.

The city has sold more than 400 items on the website. Anyone around the world can bid as long as they are registered on the site.

We are told the money goes back to the department it came from.

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