Rain chances possible starting middle of next week

Stranded family with ailing child concerned ambulances can’t reach their home

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Families all across Oklahoma remain stranded after a week of flooding. For one family, getting out may be a matter of life or death.

For the Rosario grandchildren, the road to Grandmother's house truly is over the river and through the woods.

Problem is, that river was a road just one week ago.

"This is the worst I've ever seen," said Rickey Rosario, who has been unable to drive since Wednesday.

Days of rain have stranded the Rosario's, including 4-year-old Taelyn, who stays at Grandma's while Mom is away.

"In the last week, she's had, I believe, 10 seizures," said Shelli Rosario, Taelyn's Grandmother.

The seizures are a bi-product of double brain surgery, that followed a massive stroke in October.

Taelyn has Down syndrome, can no longer walk or talk, but still keeps Grandma on her toes with Granddad's help.

"Me and her get into trouble a lot together," said Rickey.

Taelyn requires frequent medical attention, with countless hospital trips that now seem impossible to make.

"We can't get there," said Shelli. "My car will not make it down my road."

NewsChannel 4 put a vehicle on the road for a test, and before long, we were stuck walking the very route these folks walk daily.

"I'll call a friend or something, we go to the end of the road and meet them," said Shelli.

The family lives off of David Lane, a private rural road in Cleveland County, meaning maintenance is up to them.

"We don't have the means, we're on a fixed income," noted Shelli.

"It makes you feel low, little," explained Rickey. "Like you can't do things for your family,"

Now Shelli lives in fear of what could happen, if Taelyn's condition worsens.

"I wouldn't know what to do in that situation."

NewsChannel 4 originally met with the Rosario's on Friday.

Following a weekend filled with more rain, we're told Rickey was hard at work with a hand shovel Monday, trying to fix a road that continues to deteriorate.

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