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‘God, if I have to go, let me go fast!’ Oklahoma woman remembers being trapped during recent tornado

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- After last Wednesday's tornado, a woman was trapped underneath her mobile home for hours.

It's an incredible story of survival. Linda Cooper tells her story of the moments that nearly took her life.

"I looked outside, the wind was going this way, this way, this way," Linda Cooper describes.

Cooper was inside her mobile home when it was nearly leveled after the storms hit May 6th.

"I went to go to the kitchen, and boom!" Cooper remembers.

In only moments, she was trapped... not only under her own collapsed home, but another one that landed on top of hers.

"Debris was coming in, I said 'oh my God what is going on?'" Cooper said.

She was trapped, with her family desperately looking for her.

"I was asking about my mom and one officer said, 'yeah we have information about her,'" her son, Richard Shelley, said.

An officer assured Shelley she was out of the debris.

"He said, 'no she's out, she's fine, we don't know where she is exactly, but she's out and she's getting attention,'" Shelley said.

But it was mis-reported...She was trapped the entire time.

"I was soaked, soaking wet, it was pouring in... terrible... the sound, the pressure...I was getting claustrophobic, I said ,'God if I have to go, let me go fast!'" Cooper said.

But that was not the plan.

Corey Scalf, an ONG worker, happened to hear her faint cry for help.

That's when the rescue mission began.

NBC News captured the moment the two saw each other for the first time since the rescue.

Scalf and Cooper hug, each thankful for the moment.

A woman whose life was destined to endure under the weight of the storm's rage.

"I'm very thankful she's alive and that we had Mother's Day yesterday," Shelley says.

Linda Cooper is hard of hearing, and lost her hearing aids during the storm.

She's trying to function on hunting hearing aids right now.

If you'd like to help the family, click here.

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