Family says fire that claimed home was not an accident

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A family lost their home of more than a decade to a fire in northeast Oklahoma City.

Originally, officials told NewsChannel 4 the house was unoccupied, but our cameras were there when the homeowners came to see the damage for the first time.

The family told us they don’t think this fire was an accident.

They have been staying elsewhere recently because they say they've been living in fear, saying their home has been shot at multiple times.

In fact, bullet holes have been left in the window.

“The house is gone. Memories gone,” said Candi Nealy.

Around 12:45 a.m. on Tuesday, fire crews rushed to home that belonged to the Nealy family for nearly 15 years.

They say they  moved to this rural area near N.E. 63rd and Anderson for a reason.

“We moved here to get away from all them gangs,” said Nealy.

Before the move, Nealy said her younger brother got mixed up with the wrong crowd, but is now working toward a brighter future.

"My brother chose bull riding and they chose gang banging, and one summer, they decided to jump my brother because he won't give in," said Nealy.

The family has filed multiple police reports since 2013 for burglary and assaults with deadly weapons, but the violence continued.

"They've just been using our house as target practice and the police don't do anything, we're tired. What if they were in there?" said Nealy.

Nealy just wants some help so her family doesn't have to live in constant fear.

"They need to arrest somebody before they kill one of us. We just want to go on, we aren't looking for retaliation. We just want to be happy, just like everybody else," said Nealy.

Fire investigators are still looking into the cause of the fire.

The family did not have homeowner's insurance and the Red Cross has been notified of their case.

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