“Today’s been a blessing,” family overwhelmed with help following news report

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A family in desperate need of assistance is being helped by neighbors they never knew.

It was an exciting day for Taelyn Rosario.

The four year old, who suffers from seizures, made her news debut Monday night, as the girl's worried grandparents shared their street struggles.

A week of flooding left the Rosarios stuck in their homes and unable to leave. Their house is located on a private, Cleveland County road, meaning fixing the road is up to the family.

But minutes after their story aired, Oklahoma answered the call.

It was early Tuesday morning, that Ohio native Tom Stafford came ready to work.

"I called [NewsChannel 4], got an address," said Stafford. "Just here to fix stuff... it's what we do."

Turns out though, the road required much more than dirt.

So with a few more phone calls, in stepped Midwest Wrecking Company.

"We're hauling off some brick and block," said Tim Dailey, Superintendent at Midwest Wrecking. "We were more than happy to bring it out to you."

After hours of filling and dumping, the road is unfinished, but finally drivable.

A street now filled with dirt for a family full of thanks.

"I would love to thank y'all, NewsChannel 4...I want to thank Tom, greatly from the bottom of my heart," said Shelli Rosario. "I really want to thank Midwest wrecking... Today's been a blessing, it really has."

With a chance of more rain on Wednesday, Tom says he'll be back out later in the week, to assess the damage moving forward.

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