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Students disgusted after finding bugs in cafeteria food

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CONROE, Texas – School cafeteria food has never been known for being gourmet, but what one Texas student found in her food has her mother demanding answers.

“It was kind of strange and gross that we had actually seen it and that it happened to us,” said Falyn Evans.

Evans says she was sitting next to her friend at lunch when she went to take a bite of broccoli and found something unusual.

“There’s no way they could’ve missed, picking up a handful of broccoli like they do with their gloves on and not seen these ginormous bugs,” said Melissa Evans, Falyn’s mother.

In an email to parents, school administrators said they were “notified this morning of complaints regarding food in the cafeteria. Any concerns are taken very seriously and Conroe ISD’s child nutrition department is addressing the situation.”

Some parents say the problem has already been fixed at home.

“She will be taking lunches. She will not be eating it anymore, at all,” said Melissa Evans.

A separate incident in Virginia is causing some dissension at a school district in King and Queen County.

"Two boys are coming home daily with migraines because they can't eat what's on their plates at school," said Beth Paulette to WTVR.

Paulette says her sons took pictures of the charred cafeteria food.

Pizza, ribs and hamburgers are almost unrecognizable after being burnt.

"It looked so unappetizing, I could not bring myself to try it at all," said Precious Jackson, a ninth grader.

The school superintendent said the head of food services was suspended, but refused to comment further.

However, that employee says the situation is not her fault.

"My cafeteria employees have always been told if you're not going to eat it, don't serve it to the students," said Suzanne Gilberton.

Gilberton says the superintendent put someone in charge of the high school's cafeteria a few months ago, but she says that person is not properly trained.

She also said several emails proved that she reached out to the superintendent but was told that she did not have any authority over the new manager.

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