Oklahoma man sells “Tigernado” t-shirts for good cause

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MOORE, Okla. -- When word spread that Tiger Safari in Tuttle had been hit by a tornado and there might be a breach, social media went NUTS.

Bo wright said, "My first instinct was the Sharknado movie I said I guess this is Tigernado. My wife was joking, 'You better put something together real quick.'"

Wright created a "Tigernado movie poster"and shared it with his 670 twitter followers.

He never imagined it would go viral!

"About an hour later it had been shared 2000 times... What is going on? Weather people in Atlanta and New York, I was like, 'I wish I'd spent more time on it.'"

The overwhelming response gave Bo a golden idea: print Tigernado t-shirts and partner with Serve Moore.

"Serve Moore" is a non-profit organization, launched following the May 20, 2013 tornado.

Since then, volunteers have helped nearly 3,000 families.

Oklahoma's latest round of severe weather has "Serve Moore" scrambling again.

Serve Moore Director, Chris Fox told us, "We've got weeks and weeks of work. Not only that, we need supplies we need tarps and tools when they break down."

The Tigernado tees will sell for $20 and support the ongoing crusade to help tornado victims here and in surrounding communities.

What began as a joke among friends, has become a legitimate campaign to serve more!

Serve Moore is taking pre-orders until May 25th. The shirts will be shipped out shortly after that.

Click here to order your Tigernado Tee.


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