Brilliant 12-year-old looking to be treated equally in future home

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OKLAHOMA CITY - 12-year-old Taiya is easy to talk to, wants to listen to others, and is willing to try almost anything.

While at Science Museum Oklahoma, Taiya was the lucky volunteer selected to help perform a science experiment.

"It was a nice experiment to do," she said.

While she is reserved, Taiya loves to be on stage. She is also an artist, who loves to express herself on paper.

"It does help me relax. Just when I have nothing to do, I draw or read or find something to do. If I don't have anything entertaining, I'll entertain myself," she said.

She has a variety of interests, but she's already thinking about her future career.

"One of them is an artist. I wanted to be in the SWAT, and one was a veterinarian," she said. "I haven't really made up my mind yet, but I still have a while to go."

Taiya has been in the care of the Department of Human Services for eight years.

Her caregivers say she is an exceptional student and is outstanding in science and geography.

"Well, geography helps you learn about the different types of landforms and things that go on in the Western Hemisphere," she said.

When it comes to finding a new family, she's very low maintenance.

"It doesn't matter. Mom, dad, both," she said. "I wouldn't mind having brothers and sisters. Just somebody to hang out with."

She says she has just one requirement of her future home.

"To be treated equally," she said.

Taiya says she would also love to have a pet, as long as it is not slithering.

"It doesn't matter to me, besides amphibians, but I'm good," she said.

Taiya is involved in church and volunteers as much as she can.

For more information on how you can adopt Taiya, call 405-522-4176.

The process includes training and background checks, and doesn't cost anything.