Crawling critters creeping into metro homes

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OKLAHOMA CITY - All of this rain we've had lately is great for the drought we've experienced, but bad for those afraid of creatures.

Frogs, snakes and tarantulas are crawling their way all over the state right now.

Oklahoma is seeing more creepy and crawling critters lately.

"Well, they don't like the wet weather. That's why they're trying to come inside and live with us for a while," Ray Ridlin, OSU Extension educator for agriculture and horticulture, said.

The Haller family has a village of visitors.

"This is my wonderful army of ants," Braden Haller said.

Haller started seeing the insects in early May after the tornado hit the metro area.

He says they've gone from outside of his home to marching their way in to some weird places.

"It was bad. I would open up my laptop and they would be crawling in there. It was pretty gross," he said.

For the most part,  ants like Haller's are harmless, but not all critters are the same way.

“There are some wood eating ants, but they're usually there where termites have already damaged it," Ridlin said.

Ridlin suggests buying an insect repellent with the active ingredient Fipronil.

"Consumers can buy these on the combat line. Same active ingredient, same percentage of active ingredient, and they work great," he said.

Haller is using an organic repellent his mother bought online and it seems to be working.

"We bought a 20 pound bag of Diatomaceous Earth, and it seems to get rid of them pretty quick," Haller said.

There’s a repellent for the slithering kind too.

"Dr. T's Snake Away, and it actually lists on the label which snakes it does repel," Ridlin said.

But until the rainy days end, the uninvited guests will be here to stay.

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