Great State: Guthrie High Grad is 8th Sibling In Her Family to Be Valedictorian

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GUTHRIE, OKLAHOMA -- Pomp and Circumstance played for quite a while on this Friday night.

Guthrie's high school graduated a big class.

The ceremony took place at the iconic Jelsma Stadium, better known as 'The Rock'.

These beaming students added their own stones to the pile of graduates who've walked this path before.

But we concentrate on one particular graduate because of her family legacy.

Her name is Sarah Datin.

As a graduate 'gift' we let her borrow a small camera to play with during proceedings.

Selfies and smiles were the rule for every graduate.

Sarah had reason to smile.

She was one of several valedictorians.

"You've all made an impact on my life in some way," she said in her speech. "I wouldn't be who I am without you."

What makers her graduation unique though involves her family history.

Sarah's father Dennis Datin was a valedictorian at Guthrie High.

Sarah's 7 brothers and sisters were valedictorians at Guthrie too.

She made number eight.

"It was good. I was ready for it," she said later.

"My time to shine," she joked.

"At least you didn't bring down the family average," her older brother piped in.

Of course her parents were proud.

Sarah's brothers and sisters put the pressure on though.

They told her they'd never let her forget it if she didn't get her honor cords too.

Sarah's parents said, "They all knew we valued education and we just asked them to do their best."

The night ended with Blue Jay grad caps flying high above the old 'Rock', and all things as they should be.

Birds left the nest, and the youngest Datin left with her valedictory firm in her clutch.

Sarah is already taking classes at UCO in Edmond.

She currently has plans to be a forensic psychologist.

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