Oklahoma teen’s jaw broken over $7

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Robbers jump a man and get away with $7 and a pair of sunglasses, but the injuries they caused is costing the injured man's family thousands.

Now, police are needing information to make an arrest.

Family says, for them, it goes beyond the finances; they're hoping the person responsible for breaking their 19-year-old son's jaw is caught.

"Last month, he was over at a friends house, and he called another friend up to visit her for pizza," Patrick Harington, the victim's father says.

Patrick's 19-year-old son was walking near N.W. 23rd and Blackwelder near Oklahoma City University when he was caught by surprise.

"Along the way, about half way, all he remembers is getting punched in the side of the face, going down on the ground," Harington said.

Patrick says his son was unconscious for most of the attack, but the friend he was supposed to have pizza with saw the whole thing.

"What really happened was he got punched in the face, and the second guy kicked him in the face about 13-18 times, she estimates," Harington said.

The result? A jaw broken in two places.

"His teeth were separating from both side of his jaw, and his jaw was hanging down, so it was very very obvious it was broken," Harington says.

"They took his $7 out of his pocket, a pair of sunglasses he was wearing," Harington said.

The witness told police several men had walked into nearby businesses.

Surveillance video OKCPD recovered shows a man they would like to question.

"Seven bucks, they needed it more than I do, I'll help someone out if they need $7 that bad," Jay Harington, the victim, says.

The family is left looking for justice.

"If your kids are that wild and gone to that level, what's next?" Harington says.

If you have any information call Oklahoma City Crimestoppers.



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