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EMSA, Oklahoma City Public Schools team up to teach kids about CPR

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- If someone near you fell to the ground, unconscious, what would you do?

Your actions could save a life.

NewsChannel 4 talked with an Oklahoma mom who said her daughter saved her life with CPR, a tool she learned in school.

On Wednesday, EMSA crews and school districts in our state raised awareness for World CPR Day by educating students.

On February 19, Julia Engle used CPR to save her mom's life.

"I was standing over there and she was cooking oatmeal right here and I just saw her fall over," said Julia. "I just checked for a pulse and didn't find one and she stopped breathing, so that's when I started."

Five minutes and 150 compressions later, the fire department arrived.

"I woke up in the ICU, I had been put in an induced coma to heal, and I'd found out I'd had cardiac arrest," said Fiona Engle.

Her first words were, "We are blessed."

"Because I had CPR within the first five minutes, I have my brain function today and I'm very thankful to God for that," said Fiona.

Now, the Engle family stands behind kids learning about the lifesaving technique in school.

EMSA crews are educating kids in the Oklahoma City Public Schools District, like Taft Middle School, about "bystander CPR training" for World CPR day.

"We are focusing on the three C's of CPR, which is checking the victim, calling 911, then compressing the chest," said Heather Yazdanipour, EMSA instructor and field paramedic.

The goal is to see these students walk away confident that they can make a difference.

"Even if they are young, they have the ability to save a life," said Yazdanjpour.

"In 1992, my wife spent nine months carrying and protecting a little girl named Julia, and three months ago that girl, Julia, protected her mother's life," said Stan Engle.

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